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Operations Manager (Multi-Channel)

Are you in the top 1% of managers? Happy with where you're at, but want to keep your options open and learn more about what's available? Want to explore an opportunity, with absolutely no commitment? We'd love to meet up over coffee and talk retail!

We're always looking to network, so even if you're not looking to leave your current post, but just want to exchange ideas and talk retail trends, get in touch. We look forward to meeting you!

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Are you an enterprising leader, with the drive and know-how to get things done? Do you like to challenge conventional wisdom and come up with your own creative solutions? Would you appreciate a management position where you can implement your innovative ideas and create the trends that other retailers will wish they thought of first?

Are you capable of coordinating and managing multiple facets of a business that has a presence in both retail and online sales, as well as in manufacturing?

We're the largest and fastest growing menswear store in Michigan. Our unique business model has piqued the interest of Fox News, The Detroit Free Press, and Forbes, among others. We've got our sights set on even more growth and expansion in the near future, and we're seeking the right candidate to lead the way!

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Assist in hiring and training new retail staff members.

  • Create staff schedules and ensure that they are followed.

  • Oversee store staff and make sure store displays are maintained and stock is updated.

  • Identify present and future customer requirements and ensure that market trends are communicated to the purchasers.

  • Provide assistance in carrying out marketing and promotional activities within the store.

  • Oversee the work of retail representatives to ensure that they know how to greet customers, and juggle the demands of multiple customers at one time.

  • Assist marketing professionals in determining marketing strategies and making changes when required.

  • Deal with customer queries and complaints and ensure that the latter are resolved in an immediate and positive manner.

  • Spearhead expansion of the made-to-measure part of the business.

  • Assist in manufacturing new lines of suits (selecting designs and fabrics that would be a good fit for our store.)

  • Improve sales in store by identifying obstacles to growth and making recommendations to improve processes.

Does this sound like a position where you'd excel?

Send us an email to support@thesuitdepot.com, with 'Manager Position' as the subject line, and we’ll be in touch!



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